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Corporate culture


First, the core values of Penglai Packaging :

         Unity, integrity, pragmatism and innovation


Two, mission:

to promote the innovation and development of the packaging equipment industry;

to provide users with efficient and quality services through our continuous efforts!

   Mission statement:

   For customers: to provide high-performance packaging equipment to facilitate cost-effective and efficient production, creating the maximum value for customers.

   For employees: to create space for staff development, and bring about better working experiences.

   For society: to train people to be more creative and positive.



Three, vision: to become a professional operator and leading brand in China's packaging equipment manufacturing and service industry!

   Vision statement: we hope that through our team efforts, we will become a famous brand in Guangdong in 3 years and a well-known brand in China in 5 years,, occupy a leading position in the industry both at home and abroad in 10 years, become a leading brand in the industry in 20 years, aiming at building a customer-trusted-and-respected company, possessing the leading technology, leading service and leading reputation in the packaging equipment industry.


Four, values: quality, responsibility, service and cooperation

   Quality -

    Supported by a strong R&D team, we manufacture high-quality custom products.

   Responsibility -

   With professionalism and dedication, we do our best to fulfill our responsibility to our staff, our customers and the society.

   Service -

   Customer service is the only reason for our existence. Customer demand is the constant source of our passion and energy. Placing customers at the center of our work, we are doing all we can to quickly respond to customer demand, provide effective services for customers, create value for customers and contribute to customer success. It is our firm belief that customer success is our success.

   Cooperation -

  We welcome and respect every customer, and uphold the guiding principle of “mutual understanding, mutual support and trust” so as to attain consensus in communication, mutual benefit and mutual achievement.


Five, business philosophy:

Integrity builds brand; innovation casts the future.


Six, principle goal:

Focus on every packaging equipment; realize the maximization of customer value.


Seven, shared values:

   1. Ownership

 2. Innovation

    3. Integrity

    4. Enthusiasm

    5. Gratitude


Eight, the concept of corporate management:

   1. scientific and reasonable

      2. goal oriented

      3. people-centered    


Nine, the company team:

   1. We are always strengthening the executive force of our team to enhance solidarity and improve our product competitiveness;

     2. Our team members share common values, common objectives and take united action.


Ten       the core concept of military-styled culture:  the completion of the task is the foremost goal.


Eleven    the core concept of family-styled culture: your thing is my thing.


Twelve     the core idea of school-styled culture: everything should make way for learning.


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