Granule packing machine structure

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Granule packing machine structure

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What parts of the granule packing machine are composed?


  1. Power system: This system transfers packaging materials and packaged articles from one station

    to the next. The power machine is the driving force of mechanical work, and is usually an electric

    motor in modern industrial production.

  2.  Transmission system: The system measures, sorts, arranges, and delivers the packaged items to

    a pre-determined workstation. Some can also complete the shaping and segmentation of some

    packaged items, such as the metering and liquid supply system of the beverage packaging machine,

    and the biscuit sorting and arrangement and delivery system of the biscuit packaging machine.

  3. Execution system: The system directly completes the packaging operation. The granule

    packaging machine completes some operations such as quantification, packaging, sealing, cutting, coding,

    etc., which can effectively ensure the quality of the packaging according to the requirements of the packaged

    goods. According to the required shape and size, the packaged articles with the same specifications are obtained.

  4. Nowadays, the quality and hygiene of the food industry are the focus of the country. Therefore, a good granule

    packing machine has reached the national food safety and hygiene conditions in all aspects. The equipment has

    high work efficiency, simple operation, convenient adjustment, accurate and reliable.

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