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Ultrasonic powder packing machine

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Detailed introduction

Ultrasonic powder packing machine Non-woven fabric Packing Machine for Powder

Powder ultrasonic packing machine with Vertical Screw.mp4

1.Machine picture


We also can match machine with two heads Linear Scale as below.

Two Heads Linear Scale Video  for packing carbon powder .mp4


Also have a smaller model for small sachet Seasoning Powder package

2. Application

This machine It is suitable for automatic packaging of loose, non-sticky and granular materials such as medicine powder, feed, charcoal, tea, activated charcoal, laundry powder and desiccant, etc. in pharmaceutical, food, daily chemical, pesticide, plastic products and special industries.


1. The machine is suitable for automatic packing of desiccant. It is integrated into feed hopper, the feeder,  automatic cold seal cutting part and the control box. Operation is convenient, safety and durability.
2. PLC control and touch screen display panel. 
3, Good electronic color control system, automatically and accurately track the cursor on the packaging film, so that the bag can get a complete and beautiful icon.
4. Besides single bag cutting at one time,we can choose two bags or multiple bags cutting too. The automatic packing machine can automatically complete the work of metering, bag making, filling, sealing, cutting, counting and printing in the packing process.
5, stepper motor control, the system has high accuracy, no need to adjust other components can change the length of the bag, and accurate.
6, Adopts self weight motor paper pressing and paper feeding structure, the bag making is smooth and good.
7, the seal form is ultrasonic cold seal, suitable for non-woven fabric packaging materials, sealing is neat and firm.

3.Technical parameters

Measuring range50-200g
Filling typeSingle measuring cup 
Control StylePLC system+English touch display screen 
Film width100-300mm
Bag length20-150mm
Bag width50-140mm
AppearanceStainless steel 304, SS201 of machine frame
Bag typeback seal bag,side sealed bag 
Speed 20-30bags/min
Power3phase 4wire 3.5KW,50Hz
Air consumption0.6Mpa 0.3m3/min
WeightAround 500kg
DimensionL850*W1250*H1900 mm

4.Package picture



5. Customers


6. Production 


7. Certification 


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